Idorsia conducts clinical trials globally to advance its studies. Our key assets have the potential to transform treatment in the target indications.

Currently, we support Idorsia activities and clinical studies out of the following locations:

Idorsia locations

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Headquarters of Idorsia Ltd. Responsible for drug discovery, development, registration, production, quality assurance, safety, as well as company management and coordination. 

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Deutschland GmbH

Based in Lörrach, Germany, performs clinical development on behalf of Idorsia and acts as Idorsia's representative for obtaining regulatory approvals in the EU.

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals US Inc.

Based in Radnor, Pennsylvania, US – is responsible for the commercial operations in the US. 

Idorsia Clinical Development US Inc

Based in New Jersey, US – performs clinical development on behalf of Idorsia. 

Idorsia (Shanghai) Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd

Based in Shanghai, PRC – performs research and development on behalf of Idorsia.

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Japan Ltd

Based in Tokyo, Japan – performs clinical development and commercial activities on behalf of Idorsia. 

Vaxxilon Deutschland GmbH

A 100% subsidiary of Idorsia Ltd, based in Berlin, Germany – discovers and develops synthetic carbohydrate vaccines to prevent infection.