In order to develop Idorsia into one of Europe’s leading biopharmaceutical companies - with a strong scientific core - we have identified 5 key priorities to ensure company success over the next 5 years:

  1. Deliver at least three products to market
  2. Build a commercial organization
  3. Bring Idorsia to profitability in a sustainable manner
  4. Create a pipeline with a sales potential of CHF 5 billion
  5. Utilize state-of-the-art technologies

More ambition – Promising compounds

1. Idorsia aims to deliver at least three products to market that have the potential to significantly change the treatment options in their target disease, resulting in assets with major commercial potential.

We have a diversified and balanced clinical development pipeline in multiple therapeutic areas, including central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disorders, immunological disorders, and orphan diseases.

We bring new perspectives to the development of innovative compounds, challenging accepted paradigms to answer the questions that matter to patients. We have key assets that can transform the treatment in their respective target disease.

More potential – From bench to bedside

2. Idorsia aims to build a commercial organization to maximize the value of our innovations.

Long-term strategic view is important to ensure that our drugs are addressing important healthcare challenges. A smart company must take creative approaches to delivering its medicines to patients.

In order to maximize the benefit of our pioneering therapies for patients, we will consider partnerships for strategic reasons, and build our own commercial infrastructure to provide access to our drugs in certain therapeutic fields.

More energetic – Becoming a sustainable company

3. Idorsia’s highly qualified professionals aim to rapidly advance the development pipeline and commercial readiness to bring Idorsia to profitability in 5 years.

We are building Idorsia with a long-term focus and big ambitions. We will run the company in a responsible and sustainable way. Becoming profitable will provide us with financial independence and secure our future.

Idorsia has the potential to generate significant revenues from its product sales, once the first of its pipeline candidates has received regulatory approval for commercialization. Until then, Idorsia wants to generate revenue through potential milestone and royalty payments in connection with the development and commercialization of ACT-132577, and potential revenue-sharing payments in connection with potential sales of ponesimod and cadazolid.

With the above-mentioned aspiration, we provide a supportive and energetic environment for high-performing teams, recognizing and rewarding them for their contributions.

More opportunities – Building a bright future

4. Idorsia aims to create a clinical development pipeline of assets with a sales potential of at least CHF 5 billion.

Idorsia is a high potential biopharmaceutical company with a balanced portfolio of innovative drugs. As the assets advance and reach the market, there is a need to constantly feed the pipeline with innovative compounds. This is where our highly productive drug discovery engine creates opportunities.

We are passionate and curious scientists with the strong will to make patients function better, feel better and live longer. Our drug discovery focuses on creating small molecules that are active on well-selected molecular targets. Knowledge built through the development of drugs active on one target can often benefit projects in several therapeutic areas.

Our focus on disorders that have a high medical need means that our discoveries create significant value for patients, payors and society in general.

More agile – Mastering complexity without bureaucracy

5. Idorsia aims to increasingly implement state-of-the-art technologies to aid discovery, development and commercialization of our innovative therapies.

We want to be on the cutting edge of science, so it is vital that we consider innovative approaches from bench to bedside. We must integrate computational tools and digital technologies at different stages of the drug discovery, development and commercialization process, in order to maximize our potential to bring breakthrough medicines to patients.

Idorsia will look for creative ways to utilize advances in technology to focus on novel targets and the use of new drug development methodologies. All functions of Pharmaceutical Development will be streamlined to ensure the delivery of technically tailored and high quality medicines. As the company establishes its commercial infrastructure, we will look for opportunities to use technology to benefit as many patients as possible.

When it comes to our colleagues’ daily life at Idorsia, we also employ pragmatic solutions to minimize the need for bureaucracy. Continuous learning and work-life integration is important in order for everyone to be an integral part of the Idorsia team.

>> We are scientists at heart - I want to have people who have an obsession to hunt for drugs.

Jean-Paul Clozel

Chief Executive Officer

>> Each day we aim for more. We keep improving and continue learning.

Martine Clozel

Chief Scientific Officer

>> We are passionate about pragmatic science that translates into benefits for patients.

Guy Braunstein

Head of Global Clinical Development

>> All our activities have one common goal: finding the best solution.

André Muller

Chief Financial Officer