At Idorsia, we harness the power of difference to achieve business success: our employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds, representing more than 30 nationalities. 

We are committed to fostering respect, fairness and equal opportunities for all our employees, as we believe it is vital to create and support a diverse and inclusive workplace. Idorsia does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

We are implementing strategies to attract, retain and advance top talent from all backgrounds and cultures. During the recruitment process, we seek to attract a diverse pool of candidates, focusing on the skill-set they offer and matching their competencies to the behaviors we expect our people to live by daily and to the key qualification parameters we require to fulfill the job.

On June 30, 2020, Idorsia employed more than 800 permanent employees, apprentices, and post-docs with a diverse cultural background. With its headquarters in Allschwil (Basel, Switzerland), Idorsia is located at the heart of the border triangle between Switzerland, France, and Germany, and thus almost 3/4 of our employees are either Swiss, French, or German.