At Idorsia, we harness the power of difference to achieve business success: our employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds, representing over 38 nationalities. 

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that allows every employee to maximize their potential with equal opportunities. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. 

In 2020, we conducted a gender equal pay analysis, which encouragingly revealed that there are no relevant differences in pay between men and women at the Swiss Headquarters of Idorsia. The required standard regression analysis – validated by external auditors – of the effect of gender on base salary, and on base salary including annual bonus, showed a non-significant difference of -0.34% and -0.49% in favor of men, respectively, which is well within the 5% tolerance threshold specified by the Federal Office for Gender Equality. For more information, please refer to the gender equal pay analysis description in the Compensation Report 2020.

In 2022, we repeated the gender pay equity analysis for Switzerland which again resulted in the confirmation of our equal pay practice. Idorsia is dedicated to fostering respect, fairness and equal opportunities for all our employees and is committed to monitoring gender pay equity on an ongoing basis, and starting to review pay equity globally.

As a growing company, it is important that we attract, retain and advance top talent from all backgrounds and cultures. During the recruitment process, we seek to attract a diverse pool of candidates, focusing on the skill set they offer and matching their competencies to the behaviors we expect our people to live by daily and to the key qualifications required to fulfill the role.

Our people are committed to making Idorsia a leading biopharmaceutical company, while at the same time developing both personally and professionally.

Our headquarters are located in Allschwil (near Basel, Switzerland), close to the borders with France and Germany, and approximately two thirds of our employees are Swiss, French or German.