Optimizing employee health, safety and well-being is important to our work. We believe that it not only benefits our employees but also helps to reduce absence-related costs, increases productivity and drives business success. We focus on preventing both work-related and non-work-related accidents and injuries, as well as enabling employees to improve their health and well-being at work and at home.

Employee-focused pandemic response

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the protection of our employees is of the utmost priority. The company’s Crisis Management Team monitors the evolving pandemic situation and recommends measures to senior management, with the aim to shield our employees, ensure adherence to governmental intervention measures and protect the company from damage. Thanks to our state-of-art infrastructure, we were able to react swiftly, enabling our office-based staff to work from home. Special protection measurements, such as face masks and disinfection stations, were implemented to protect those who were not able to work from home, such as our people in the labs. As the pandemic continues to impact our employees' lives, both at work and at home, Idorsia is finding pragmatic solutions to keep our people engaged, productive, and collaborating on achieving our goals – no matter where they are.

Supporting health and well-being

An important part of cultivating a healthy workplace is investing in our employees’ awareness of their own health through strategies such as health screening and emotional health offerings. In addition, we have numerous employee Health & Well-being programs and support services in place, including on-site massages, medical checkups for employees working in laboratories, risk analyses for pregnant women, support during pregnancy and breastfeeding time, annual flu shots, relaxation pods, discount on gym memberships, and ergonomic consulting for the workplace.

In 2021, we launched “Mental Health Matters”, a campaign to support our employees with training, tools and further resources for better mental health. This campaign supplements existing counseling and coaching services, which are offered, for example, to all permanent, temporary and hourly-paid employees at Idorsia’s headquarters in Switzerland, with support services in other countries varying.

Idorsia puts safety first

All new Idorsia employees attend a health and safety introduction which include elements such as basic safety information, policies, duties, fire evacuation, and first aid. In addition, new employees working in laboratories undergo both theoretical and practical training which includes topics such as proper, usage of Personal Protective Equipment, fit testing of masks, storage of chemicals, safety rules for working in laboratories, procedures in case of a lab accident, and other key topics.

Internal audits in occupational health and safety are performed in all research laboratories. For each field of occupational safety (e.g., chemical, biological and radiation safety), we provide comprehensive trainings and instructions, especially for new employees. In addition, eye washing, fire extinguisher, and spill kit trainings are performed for employees working in the laboratories.

Annual protective suit training and fire-extinguishing training is also provided for laboratory and research employees and annual workshop safety training for site management departments. Regular training sessions are conducted in the areas of biosafety, radiation protection and laser protection as well as CPR and AED courses which are provided to employees at headquarters by Idorsia’s first aid team.