The registered shares of Idorsia Ltd were listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange on June 16, 2017 (symbol: IDIA). Following the transfer of Actelion’s drug discovery and early-stage clinical pipeline business to Idorsia, registered Idorsia shares held by Actelion have been distributed to Actelion shareholders by way of a dividend in kind.

On June 16, 2017, 107,330,210 Idorsia shares were listed on SIX. Furthermore, shares issued through the conversion of the first tranche of the convertible loan provided by Cilag Holding AG, an indirect subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (CHF 135.4 million converting into 11,793,220 Idorsia shares “Authorized Shares”) were listed on June 20, 2017 granting Cilag Holding AG an ownership interest of 9.9% in Idorsia’s share capital.

On July 13, 2018 the Group privately placed 11,912,000 new registered shares of CHF 0.05 par value from existing authorized capital at CHF 25.62 per new share receiving gross proceeds of CHF 305 m through an accelerated bookbuilding. The newly issued shares corresponded to approximately 10% of the Group’s currently issued share capital.

Concurrently to the private placement of new shares, the Group issued CHF 200 m of senior unsecured convertible bonds (“the Bonds”) on July 17, 2018. The Bonds mature on July 17, 2024 and are convertible into 5.9 m registered shares of the Group, sourced from existing conditional share capital, on or after August 27, 2018. The Bonds have a coupon of 0.75% and a conversion price of CHF 33.95, corresponding to a conversion premium of 32.5% above the bookbuilding price of the privately placed newly issued shares.


Idorsia Ltd is part of the following indices: SPI, SPIEX, SXSLI, SXI Life Sciences, and SXI Bio+Medtech.

Idorsia is traded under the following symbols: Reuters IDIA.S / Bloomberg IDIA.

Key Share Data

As of 30 June 2018
Shares outstanding 119.1 million
Closing share price 26.30 CHF
Market capitalization 3,133 million CHF
52-week high 30.70 CHF
52-week low 16.05 CHF
YTD price change -0.18 CHF (-0.68%)
HY Average daily volume 387,769 shares
Free float 65.75 million shares

We will update this information quarterly.

Major Shareholders

As of 30 June 2018

Shareholder Position

Martine and Jean-Paul Clozel


Johnson & Johnson

Rudolf Maag


How To Buy Stock

Idorsia shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange. Investors wishing to become a shareholder in Idorsia should contact their local bank with the following information:

Reuters / Bloomberg:      IDIA.S / IDIA

Exchange:                            SIX, Switzerland

ISIN:                                       CH0363463438

Swiss security number:   36 346 343

Bank staff will then be able to use this information to execute the transaction.

How To Register Shares

As part of our continued efforts towards good corporate governance we encourage shareholders to exercise their voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Idorsia Ltd.

The registration of shares is not mandatory under Swiss law. Therefore, registered shares are not automatically registered in our Share Register.

Idorsia has mandated to administer its Share Register. Investors wishing to register their shares are kindly asked to contact their prime custodian (e.g. your banker or broker) to request a share registration form. After completing the form, your custodian will send it to who will then take care of the registration. The custodian will receive a confirmation directly from once the registration has taken place.


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