We aim to be good neighbors in the communities where we live and work. Our community efforts focus primarily on science education, with the goal being to ignite a passion for science in young minds.

We have partnered with our neighbor Actelion to invest in children's education. This year, we invited over 150 youngsters and teachers from local schools to our “Elementary school science days”. At this 2-day event, young students are exposed to hands-on, real-world science, with a fun and interactive approach.


              “ It’s very rewarding to see the youngsters having so much fun in the lab.
               If we inspire just a few of them to pursue a career in science, then it’s worth all the effort.”

               Matthias Merrettig
               Lab Expert, Chemistry

This year also saw over 170 local high school students attending our series of summerlectures, featuring topics such as “High-tech in research”, “The fate of a substance in the body”, “Providing insights into genetics and applied genomics”, “Cancer – pathogenesis and treatment options”, “Clinical studies in healthy volunteers”, and “The long way to the market: clinical trials in patients”.