We aim to be good neighbors in the communities where we live and work. Our community efforts focus primarily on science education, with the goal being to ignite a passion for science in young minds.

We have partnered with our neighbor Actelion to invest in children’s science education. This year we jointly hosted the annual Elementary School Days, where 180 fourth-year students from Allschwil participated in various science experiments to inspire budding scientists in our community. The students had a great time making goodies for the home (lip balm and bath bombs) and for recreation (slime), as well as setting off (and taking cover from) the Mentos-Coke geyser fountains. We were happy to be able to help make science fun and interesting for potential future recruits!

Shortly afterwards, fifth-year students from Allschwil put aside their schoolbags and picked up some new scientific tools to become investigators and solve the mystery of who robbed the bank! The aspiring crime-scene investigators had to compare ink samples on paper, take and analyze fingerprints, investigate hair samples, conduct a powder solution test, and check for particles under a laser light to find the criminal. In the end, the bank robber was identified and justice was served!

This year also saw over 220 regional high school students attending our series of summer lectures about life in the pharmaceutical industry. This year’s series – entitled “Life in Science” – introduced the students to different areas of our industry, ranging from research capabilities and therapeutic areas of interest, to medical affairs and pharmaceutical branding.

“It was really cool – I especially liked making the slime and the hair gel. I may be a scientist when I grow up, but I still want to be a footballer first.”

Dylan (10)