Our Impact

Our stakeholders believe that, in order to achieve sustainable value creation, we must continue to focus our efforts on three pillars as described below, that emerged from our stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment.

We understand that to deliver a sustainable future for our company, these three pillars need to be equally strong. Each pillar is dependent on the others – for example, our ability to build talent rests on successful innovation and responsible business practices. Only by succeeding in all three of these areas can we guarantee our future.

Push the boundaries for patients

Each of our employees knows that science is at the core of our company. Our scientific expertise in multiple therapeutic areas helps us to find innovative ways to help patients.

Nothing demonstrates our innovation better than our diversified and balanced pipeline. Our projects are a mix of new ideas alongside activities where we have deep knowledge and experience. We have a healthy number of early and late-stage compounds in development, spanning a range of therapeutic areas – CNS, cardiovascular, immunological disorders, and orphan diseases.

In 2021, we achieved a number of milestones demonstrating our progress in pushing the boundaries for the benefit of patients. We filed regulatory submissions for daridorexant, our investigational treatment for insomnia, with the FDA in the US, the EMA in Europe, Swissmedic in Switzerland, and Health Canada. We also filed a New Drug Application in Japan for clazosentan, our investigational treatment for cerebral vasospasm following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. These treatments are in areas of high unmet need for patients, and in fact, our first two products were approved in January 2022 as a result of two of these filings. Clazosentan is the first new treatment for the events associated with cerebral vasospasm in Japan in more than 25 years, giving new hope to neurointensivists for patients who have suffered an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

We advanced our clinical pipeline by initiating a Phase 3 study of selatogrel for the treatment of suspected acute myocardial infarction. An autoinjector combined with selatogrel may help close an important medical gap in the treatment of heart attack. The drug is self-injected by the patient at the onset of symptoms to immediately treat the thrombus formation blocking blood flow to the heart during the crucial period until medical help is available.

Build on our talents

Our success depends on our people. Our talented and diverse team is passionate about science, and we are committed to working collaboratively to bring new medicines to patients.

As a growing company, it is important that we attract, retain and advance top talent from all backgrounds and cultures. We harness the power of difference to achieve business success: our employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds, representing 40 nationalities. We aim to create an inspiring working environment and provide equal opportunities for all our employees. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. In 2020, we conducted a gender equal pay analysis, which encouragingly revealed that there are no relevant differences in pay between men and women at the Swiss headquarters of Idorsia. We will extend this analysis to all our geographic locations as we grow.

Our future as a company depends on a workplace that enables employees to achieve their full potential – both at work and outside the office. We believe that a culture fostering employees’ development and growth is essential to our success. We take an integrated approach to rewards and talent management, designed to build an organization of highly engaged and enthusiastic professionals.

Our simple and transparent reward and recognition philosophy is based on engaging everyone in an entrepreneurial approach to long-term value creation. Idorsia’s approach provides a simple and effective way to align individual and team efforts with Idorsia’s strategic priorities, as well as encouraging excellent performance and sharing the results that we achieve together.

To support our people in achieving their full potential, we provide a range of internal and external learning and development programs. We emphasize results-oriented coaching, encourage internal mentorship, offer a variety of training programs, and fully support language learning. Idorsia also provides financial assistance to employees who wish to advance their education through an accredited university or business school.

In 2021, we launched “Mental Health Matters”, a campaign to support our employees with training, tools and further resources for better mental health. This campaign supplements existing counseling and coaching services, which are offered, for example, to all permanent, temporary and hourly-paid employees at Idorsia’s headquarters in Switzerland, with support services in other countries varying.

Lead an ethical business

Although we are, on paper, a young company, we have already established a robust governance framework to build compliance and ethical conduct into our company from the ground up.

We have implemented a broad range of supporting policies, standard operating procedures and guidelines, such as our Code of Business Conduct, driving a culture of integrity.

The Code of Business Conduct sets out fundamental rules for interacting with others as we drive our business forward. Supporting policies, standard operating procedures and guidelines provide more detail on how the code is to be applied in practice. All Idorsia employees have undergone mandatory training on the Code of Business Conduct, and the relevant employees are trained in the policies applicable to their role.

Idorsia is proud to be part of the biopharmaceutical industry, living up to the expectations and meeting the requirements for companies operating in this highly regulated industry. We are a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Idorsia and EFPIA are fully committed to complying with the highest ethical standards under EFPIA and national codes.

We aim to limit the environmental impact of our company so as to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for future generations. As part of the global community, we take our responsibility to curb the pace of climate change very seriously and are continuously working to find ways to build environmental sustainability into our operations. For example, since 2018, the increased use of a wood chip burner and the continuous optimization of the heat consumption in our buildings, has led to a substantial reduction of 74% of our carbon emissions at headquarters in Switzerland.