Idorsia's goal is to discover, develop and bring more, innovative medicines to patients. We want to bring new perspectives to the development of innovative compounds, challenging accepted paradigms to answer the questions that matter most. Our key assets have the potential to transform treatment in the target indications.

Engaging with Patient Organizations

We engage with patient organizations and healthcare providers to better understand patients and their caregivers' needs. This includes working with and supporting patient groups, as well as discussing with healthcare professionals the broader range of disease challenges they and their patients face. Our ongoing aim is to ensure that all of our relationships with patient groups and other healthcare organizations continue to be based on transparency, trust and a shared objective to improve the lives of patients.

Payments to Healthcare Professionals

Our day-to-day business activities include regular contact with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Our communications focus on providing information about our medicines, the diseases they treat, and the benefits and risks associated with their use.

Idorsia's payments to Healthcare Professionals or Healthcare Organizations in Switzerland amounted to
CHF 330’002 in 2021, CHF 452,419 in 2020, and CHF 769,529 in 2019.

Compassionate Use

Kindly note that only qualified physicians may register patients for an Idorsia Discretionary Compassionate Use Program. A patient who is not eligible for or unable to participate in a respective clinical trial may be eligible for Idorsia’s Discretionary Compassionate Use Program subject to the following conditions:

  • The underlying disease or condition of the patient is seriously debilitating or life threatening.
  • There are no approved alternative therapies available to the patient.
  • The patient is not eligible for enrollment in any applicable, ongoing clinical trial for the relevant condition and the concerned investigational product.
  • The treating responsible physician reasonably expects that the patient will benefit from the treatment without undue safety risks.
  • It can be assured that providing the investigational drug will not interfere with the initiation, conduct or completion of clinical investigations that could support marketing approval or otherwise compromise the potential development of the investigational drug.
  • The treating physician will agree in writing to comply with Idorsia’s requirements in terms of medical criteria, safety reporting, drug supply/use, and protection of Idorsia proprietary information and/or intellectual property.
  • The request must be made by the patient’s treating physician, unsolicited by Idorsia or any other individual or organization.

In addition to these criteria, Idorsia will assess other factors to determine whether access to Idorsia’s Discretionary Compassionate Use Program can be provided to the patient, including available clinical data supporting an anticipated acceptable benefit–risk effect for the proposed use, any potential implications on the overall clinical development of the medicine, and the possible supply of the requested investigational drug.

Submission of a request:

Information about Idorsia’s active clinical trials is available on Requests for access to an Idorsia investigational drug via its Discretionary Compassionate Use Program must be made by a qualified physician by sending a message via the contact form including the investigational treatment name and the patient’s disease or condition. To maintain the patient's privacy, no personally identifiable information must be included (no personal data of the patient such as e.g. patient's name, social security number, address, date of birth) in the request. The request will be acknowledged within 2 business days upon receipt.