Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd tries to cut printing, paper, postage and processing costs and reduce invoice processing time. Therefore, all supplier invoices are processed electronically by a dedicated service centre. Please ensure adherence to these invoice guidelines to enable faster payment of your invoice(s)

Complete and accurate information is required for payment. Failure to meet any of the following invoice requirements will result in the rejection of your invoice and a delay in payment:



Please choose from the following options when submitting your invoices: 

Electronic Invoices

For sending us PDF invoices per email please register first on the following portal: Conextrade

Once we confirm your registration, please send your invoices exclusively in a PDF format via email to

If you have any further questions or should you need assistance, you can contact the support team under the following phone number or e-mail or consult the Conextrade Guidelines in the Related Content Section:

Paper Invoices

If you are unable to submit your invoices electronically or if your company country is not listed on the country list please send us your invoice per post to the "Invoicing Address" on the right.

In case your company charges VAT from an European Union country on the invoice, we only accept this invoice in paper format.


Accounts Payable
Hegenheimermattweg 91
4123 Allschwil

Company details

Company Address

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Hegenheimermattweg 91
CH-4123 Allschwil

Invoicing Address

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Finance Accounts Payable
Hegenheimermattweg 91
CH-4123 Allschwil

Delivery Address

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Hegenheimermattweg 89-91
CH-4123 Allschwil

Country specific VAT information

Find all additional requested VAT information for your country in the PDF below:

2. Reference details to be included in invoices

Please provide the following reference information:

Purchase Order Number (10-digit number starting with “25xxxxxxxx”, stated at the top of the order) or the email address of your contact at Idorsia

invoice/VAT details to be included:

  • Company name and full address of Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Your UID/VAT number
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Currency
  • Invoice amount, gross and net (excluding VAT)
  • Information about the type, purpose and extent of the products or services provided
  • VAT details (if VAT is payable)

Credit notes are treated as invoices in terms of their scope and nature and must be identified accordingly.

Payment information:

  • IBAN Countries: The IBAN to which the invoice needs to be paid to must be stated on the invoice
  • US Invoices in USD: Account Number and ABA Routing (ACH) are minimum requirements that must be stated on the invoice
  • Rest of the world: Account Number and Swift Code of the bank must be stated on the invoice

It is essential that all relevant reference details are stated on the invoice. We will return any incomplete invoices, so that the missing information can be provided. This additional step may result in payment delays.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at via the online form and we will be happy to help.