Simply put – our success depends on our people! This is why we want to recruit, engage, and develop talented people who are passionate about working together and applying science to bring benefits to patients.
The team’s passion for science and curiosity will translate our objectives into value creation for all Idorsia stakeholders.

To reach these high ambitions, we foster a culture of transparency, based on open exchange across the entire organization. We are solution-oriented in our thinking, and we do more with less while genuinely enjoying our daily experiences.

We provide our employees with exciting opportunities for professional growth. We work collaboratively to progress our drug portfolio and build a commercial infrastructure.

Engagement is a core element of the Idorsia culture: we all are committed to go the extra mile – reaching out for more.

Our behaviors

It’s the Idorsia team’s passion for science that will translate our objectives into value creation for all our stakeholders.
We are doing more with less in a highly productive environment where people enjoy their work. Our Idorsia professionals show up with energy, intellect and creativity.

Organizational Structure

At Idorsia, it's about achieving company goals. The organization is built as an organic and dynamic chain that supports one another.

Idorsia Executive Committee (IEC)

Idorsia has a strong and visionary leadership team, with the power and drive to create more remarkable innovations and more medicines. Our people show up every day with energy, intellect, and creativity.

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Idorsia Leadership Team (ILT)

The ILT is responsible for execution of the company strategy and operational decision-making. They represent the main functions across Idorsia, and together with members of the IEC, work together to align the teams to execute on the company strategy. 

Andrew C. Weiss

Senior Vice President, Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

Year of birth: 1968

Nationality: Swiss

Education: Master’s degree in Business Administration, Monetary Economics and Corporate Law from the University of Zurich and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Professional background: Built a deep expertise and network in the area capital markets, while focusing on gaining an understanding for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology market. Stepping stones as sell-side analyst, buy-side analyst and fund manager include: Equity analyst for European Pharmaceuticals at Warburg Dillon Read (1997–1999) and analyst/ fund manager at Julius Baer (2000–2005). Senior financial analyst covering Swiss/European pharmaceutical/biotechnology stocks for Bank Leu (2005), Bank Sarasin (2006) and Bank Vontobel (2007). Team leader for Life Sciences Equity Research at Bank Vontobel (2008–2014). Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications for Actelion 2014-2017. Joined Idorsia as Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications when the company was established in June 2017.

Eva Caroff

Senior Vice President, Head Chemical Sciences

Year of birth: 1973

Nationality: French

Education: PhD in Chemistry from the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Basel, Switzerland. MSc in chemistry from the Haute Alsace University, France and a Chemistry Engineering Diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse, France, in 1997. 

Professional background: Worked up from laboratory head, 2003, and project leader in Drug Discovery Chemistry in Actelion to group leader leading the chemistry team within the immunology therapeutic area at Idorsia. 

Julien Gander

Senior Vice President, Group General Counsel

Year of birth: ​1979

Nationality: ​Swiss

Education: Master of law (LL.M.), University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall, United Kingdom; Lic. iur., University of Fribourg, Switzerland; 2006 Bar admission, Canton of Bern. 

Professional background: 2007-2012 Associate in Corporate/M&A team at Homburger AG; 2012-2016 ​Director Legal (heading Corporate Law), Member of Legal & IP Leadership Team, Group Risk Officer at Lonza AG; 2016-2022 General Counsel, Secretary of the Board and Compliance Officer at Molecular Partners AG.

Other Group functions: Secretary of the Board of Idorsia Ltd., member of Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd Board.

Alexander Khatuntsev

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Human Resources

Year of birth: ​1978

Nationality: ​Swiss and Russian

Education: Master degree in Human Resources Management in Russia, Bachelor degree in Finance in Russia; further education and training in Business Administration and Communication in the US (California State University East Bay, Hayward) and in Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming in Erickson College, Vancouver, Canada.

Professional background: ​HR Manager and Organizational Development Manager at British American Tobacco in Russia and in Switzerland 2003-2007; HR Director for Global Clinical Development ​and Head of Global Ta​lent Acquisition and Development a​t Actelion​ 2007-2017. As of 2013 practicing independent professional coach. Joined Idorsia as Head of Human Resources when the company was established in June 2017.

Other Group functions: None.

Kerstin Niggemann

Senior Vice President, Head Pharmacological Sciences

Year of birth: 1972

Nationality: German

Education: Technical Assistant in biological research 1994.  MSc in Biology from the University of Osnabrück, Germany 2004. MSc in Applied Toxicology from the University of Surrey, UK 2013.

Professional background: Worked with increased responsibilities from lab technician in toxicology up to scientist in a contract research organization. Joined Actelion Pharmaceuticals in 2005 as Project Toxicologist and after moving to Idorsia became Group leader in Toxicology in 2019.

Markus A. Riederer

Senior Vice President, Head Translational Sciences

Year of birth: 1962

Nationality: Swiss

Education: Doctoral degree. Dr. Phil.II at the University of Basel, Switzerland, further education at Stanford University, School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, US.

Professional background: Research Scientist, Thrombosis Group at Hoffmann-La Roche, 1994-1997. Project Leader “Novel Oral Anticoagulant Project” at Hoffmann-La Roche, 1997-2002. Head of Biology, Axovan Pharmaceutical, 2002-2003. Senior Group Leader, Immunology/Thrombosis Biology at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 2003-2016. Head DD Biology, at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 2016-2017. Joined Idorsia as Head of Drug Discovery Biology when the company was established in June 2017.

Olivier Lambert

Senior Vice President, Technical Operations

Year of birth: 1966

Nationality: French

Education: Ph.D. in applied Physico-Chemistry (polymer sciences) in France.

Professional background: 1998–2005. Principal Scientist and Technology Matrix Leader for Parenteral Sustained Delivery systems in the Pharmaceutical Department of Novartis Pharma AG, 2005-2013 CMC project leader at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 2013 - 2017 Head Quality Assurance (GMP/GDP) at Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Joined Idorsia as Head of Pharmaceutical Development when the company was established in June 2017.

Board of Directors

The Board of the company currently consists of one executive member and six non-executive members, each of whom is considered by the Board to be independent in character and judgment. The Board performs regular reviews of its composition as to background, function and experience, in order to ensure diversity and to balance valuable experience of Idorsia’s business with fresh perspectives.

Elections and Terms of Office

Under Articles 13 and 16 of the Articles of Association, the 3–9 members of the Board of Directors are elected individually by the General Meeting of the Shareholders for a term of office corresponding to the legally permitted maximum term of one year. One year of office is understood to be the period from one ordinary Meeting of the Shareholders to the next ordinary Meeting of the Shareholders.

Time of First Election and Remaining Term of Office

Date of AGM
of first election
Date of AGM
of end of term
Mathieu Simon No 2019 2024
Jean-Paul Clozel Yes 2017 2024
Joern Aldag No 2020 2024
Srishti Gupta No 2021 2024
Felix R. Ehrat No 2020 2024
Sandy Mahatme No 2021 2024
Peter Kellogg No 2021 2024
Sophie Kornowski No 2023 2024