Our future as a company depends on fostering a workplace that enables employees to develop their careers and achieve their objectives — both at work and outside the office.

We seek to recruit, develop and retain talented individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of patients across the globe. We regularly assess our talent to identify high performance and provide support for those who display potential for further growth – e.g. through further education, leadership training and on-the-job assignments.


To support our people in achieving their full potential, we provide a range of internal and external learning and development programs. We emphasize results-oriented coaching, encourage internal mentorship, and offer a variety of training programs, including best practices in project management, presentation skills, applied financial excellence, and constructive communication. We also fully support language learning.

Idorsia provides financial assistance to employees who wish to advance their education through an accredited university or business school.
We regularly assess our talent to identify high performance and provide support for those who display potential for further growth. For employees taking on additional responsibilities, we have a leadership program designed to help managers become great leaders.

In 2020, we launched a global virtual program that offers employees a possibility to learn from other colleagues. The main purpose of this program is to encourage cross-functional learning for all employees worldwide – for example, an expert in IT learning about the drug discovery process.

We also run disease awareness campaigns for our employees. Since Idorsia’s foundation in 2017, we have hosted several on-site events where employees could experience and discover diseases which we are actively researching, such as lupus and Fabry disease, to help us keep the patient in the center of our daily activities. We also regularly organize internal campaigns to raise awareness of common diseases that could affect our employees, such as breast cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

In 2021, we launched “Mental Health Matters”, a campaign to support our employees with training, tools and further resources for better mental health. As the global pandemic persists, Idorsia wants to ensure that our employees continue to thrive, despite the ongoing challenges. This campaign supplements existing counseling and coaching services, which are offered, for example, to all permanent, temporary and hourly-paid employees at Idorsia’s headquarters in Switzerland, with support services in other countries varying.


Idorsia offers a competitive total rewards package, balancing fixed and variable pay, as well as other fringe benefits, to help keep employees engaged, while also maintaining a healthy work–life balance.

Benefits include health, pension, disability and maternity benefits. Depending on local requirements, additional benefits may be available.

At our headquarters, we offer subsidized on-site daycare for children from age 3 months to 6 years.