Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Date        April 24, 2018 at 11am 

Venue     Congress Center, Messe Basel, Switzerland

At the Annual General Meeting of Idorsia Ltd held in Basel, Switzerland, shareholders voted in favor of all proposals by the Board of Directors with a significant majority.

The meeting was attended by 451 shareholders, representing a total of 77,480,100 shares, or 65.04 % of the total outstanding shares.

How to register shares

As part of our continued efforts towards good corporate governance we encourage shareholders to exercise their voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Idorsia Ltd.
The registration of shares is not mandatory under Swiss law. Therefore, registered shares are not automatically registered in our Share Register.

Idorsia has mandated to administer its Share Register. Investors wishing to register their shares are kindly asked to contact their prime custodian (e.g. your banker or broker) to request a share registration form. After completing the form, your custodian will send it to who will then take care of the registration. The custodian will receive a confirmation directly from once the registration has taken place.