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Idorsia's Brand Hub

The Idorsia Brand Hub provides you the basic information you need to begin telling the Idorsia story.

In the Our Identity section, you will find

  • the words to use when describing Idorsia
  • images and videos you can use in support of that story
  • best practices to help you understand how our Brand look when well-executed

In the Brand Guidelines section, you will find

  • how we describe our brand
  • the different components that makes up our brand
  • dos and don'ts when working with our brand

In the templates section, users can find all the existing templates that support the creation of Idorsia branded materials. However, in order to access the templates and detailed brand assets, you must be part of an agency or freelancer working with Idorsia under contract. Please reach out to your Idorsia point person and ask them contact Corporate Communications for instructions. 


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