“The way we work in research is focused on and built around innovation and core competencies. This has led to a diverse pipeline, addressing different diseases where either no treatment is available, or patients have conditions that are resistant to treatment.”

Martine Clozel, Chief Scientific Officer

Bench to Bedside

From bench to bedside… from compounds to commercialization… no matter how you put it, Idorsia’s ambition is clear: to discover great molecules, build evidence in creative clinical studies, and successfully bring new treatments to patients, creating a sustainable business based on innovation.

Our portfolio

We have a diversified and balanced clinical development pipeline covering multiple therapeutic areas, including CNS, cardiovascular, and immunological disorders, as well as orphan diseases.

Target diseases

“We tailor the target indication to characteristics of the compound. We always try to find the disease, spectrum of diseases, or subset of medical conditions where the molecule will fit best from an efficacy and safety perspective, and where it addresses a medically important need.”

Alberto Gimona
Head of Global Clinical Development

Our drug discovery approach has led to a pipeline of compounds that are active in many different therapeutic areas. Learn more about the diseases that we are targeting.