Our innovation starts with a brilliant idea and culminates, we hope, in a new drug that can change the treatment paradigm in the target indication.


At Idorsia, we follow the science – which often leads us to seek input from a variety of perspectives. We value collaboration with academia, industry partners, governments, NGOs, and others, to help us find solutions to scientific challenges.

In order to promote innovation, enhance productivity, and accelerate delivery of new medicines, we engage in mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. By partnering, we can maximize the potential of our assets, improve the lives of patients in need of our therapies, and have a greater positive impact for all stakeholders.

Commitment to transparency

A key element in building trust among our stakeholders is transparency and providing a regular flow of relevant information. Our communication is managed by multiple internal teams, who ensure that appropriate communication is maintained with various stakeholder groups. Stakeholders may include regulatory authorities, policymakers, healthcare professionals, patients, investors, and analysts, among others.

We communicate relevant and timely information concerning clinical research and studies, providing information based on evidence and scientific data. All communications, such as company reports, corporate and scientific publications, are distributed through appropriate channels, including digital channels (websites and social media platforms).

Access to medicines

Idorsia’s Value & Access team is responsible for demonstrating the value of our products – which is more important than ever, given increasing budgetary constraints in healthcare systems across the world. As an engaged member of the healthcare ecosystem, Idorsia understands the need to find solutions to the high cost of healthcare, and we are committed to playing our part in supporting patient access to our medicines.