Simply put – our success depends on our people! This is why we want to recruit, engage, and develop talented people who are passionate about working together and applying science to bring benefits to patients.

The team’s passion for science and curiosity will translate our objectives into value creation for all Idorsia stakeholders.

To reach these high ambitions, we foster a culture of transparency, based on open exchange across the entire organization. We are solution-oriented in our thinking, and we do more with less while genuinely enjoying our daily experiences.

We provide our employees with exciting opportunities for professional growth. We work collaboratively to progress our drug portfolio and build a commercial infrastructure.

Engagement is a core element of the Idorsia culture: we all are committed to go the extra mile – reaching out for more.

Our Behaviors

It’s the Idorsia team’s passion for science that will translate our objectives into value creation for all our stakeholders.


Idorsia has a strong and visionary leadership team with the power and drive to create more remarkable innovations and more new medicines.

Board of Directors

Idorsia's Board of Directors is made up of very experienced professionals of diverse backgrounds.