Our approach to sustainability

We take our responsibility seriously and seek dialogue with all our stakeholders to find out what really matters to them, through efforts such as our materiality assessment, our sustainability survey, and stakeholder-specific engagement activities.

Advancing science & healthcare

At Idorsia, we want to transform the horizon of therapeutic options for the patients who suffer from diseases that we target with our research and development. This puts innovation at the heart of what we do, and it is in this area that we can have our greatest positive impact on society.

People and society

At Idorsia, we harness the power of difference to achieve business success. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that allows every employee to maximize their potential with equal opportunities. We employ employees with a wide variety of nationalities, backgrounds, and perspectives, and we contribute actively to the communities in which we live and work.


We work continuously to improve and evolve our business so as to reduce our impact and go beyond regulatory requirements. This means managing and monitoring our environmental impacts, specifically those related to energy consumption, emissions, waste, and water.

Compliance and business ethics

Our commitment to doing business ethically and responsibly is an essential part of Idorsia’s culture, which is highlighted in our company behaviors and role-modeled by our leaders.

Sustainability reporting

The content of our sustainability reporting is aligned with the results of our 2023 materiality assessment and has been prepared in accordance with the GRI 2021 Standards. Our GRI content index can be found in the reporting section